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APOD Investment Workbook

APOD Investment Workbook

Avoid the 'paralysis of analysis' with the workbook that does it all - and fast! Quickly analyze any real estate investment with as many 'what if scenarios' as you can imagine. Then print the one that makes the numbers work for you. Use the resultant APOD, CFAT, 5 year or 10 year forms to guide negotiations, acquire financing, sell or exchange a current property or find acquisition partners.

The workbook features instant and automatic mortgage calculations, rates of return (including IRR and CAP), standard APOD, CFAT sheet, 5 Year and 10 year projections (with 1031 exchange option).

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Price: $10.
After purchasing you can immediately download the two excel files.

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Mastering the Magic
of the HP 12c

Use this book to master real estate finance and investment with the one tool every pro needs: the HP12c calculator.

APOD Investment Workbook

The easiest Investment Analysis form ever created. It will help investor's to predict investment outcomes and to acquire financing.

Available July 30th 2007

Based on hundreds of hours of classroom instruction, this easy to follow manual reveals the tricks and secrets that make real estate math make sense!

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