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These are so handy I just had to share them with you!!!
They're FREE - so Enjoy!!!

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FREE Amoritization Schedules ARM & 30 year fixed
     (Excel file, 404KB)
     Amortize any loan - including any type of A.R.M.

FREE Sample Buyer Qualification Form (blank)
     (Excel file, 21KB)
     Qualify a buyer in about a minute! Even yourself!

FREE Sample Buyer Qualification Form
     (Excel file, 21KB)
     Check this one out to see how it's done!


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Technical Publications

Our Products...

Mastering the Magic
of the HP 12c

The best all purpose real estate and investment manual for the HP12c calculator.

APOD Investment Workbook

Easily create complete investment analysis packages. Fill in the Data Entry sheet, and the rest is automatic.

Available Spring 2012

Based on hundreds of hours of classroom instruction, this easy to follow manual reveals the tricks and secrets that make real estate math make sense!

Additional Resources

We've done the research to save you the time! The links we've placed here are really worth checking out!