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Alexis McGee's Forclosures.com
One great way to find potential real estate investments is to learn to work with foreclosures. I'd like to personally recommend Alexis McGee, and her incredible web site, Foreclosures.com. I have never seen a more thorough, honest and ethical approach to foreclosure acquisitions anywhere. Please use the links below to access this wealth of information:

Learn Foreclosure Investing

White Knight Foreclosure Investing

Author/Appraiser Shirley Baenen - www.shirleybaenen.com
Shirley Baenen, my writing partner on many online real estate and appraisal courses, is one of the nation's top appraisers, as well as being an appraisal reviewer.

RLM Calculator Software and tools.
R.L.M. Software
HP Calculator software, simulations and more.
High quality shareware applications for Mac OSX and Windows PC. Clear interface, options and functionality. (Software that is easy to use and understand.)

Realty Bluebook
A great desk reference for all real estate professionals and investors!

OnLine Courses
We have two Associate Degrees in Business
(with a real estate or appraisal focus)

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